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Compelling Voices | Fearless Realities


Thalia Press is proud to be the publisher of Dark Yonder, a literary magazine featuring short stories that focus on neo noir by some of today's best writers. Whether you consider them to be classic noir or neo noir, femme revenge, new voices, or something else entirely: the stories we aim to publish in Dark Yonder are all honest and insightful, written by creators driven to share their unflinching take on the world we live in today. Call our fiction bleak, or dark, or nihilistic. Call it brave, or gut-wrenching, or the inconvenient truth. Dark Yonder is a literary magazine that elevates the voices of those often overlooked in our society, giving readers a glimpse of other realities. 

Issue #1 (January 2023) is now out: 
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Learn more about Dark Yonder, including submission guidelines and bios of our authors, at


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