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​Submission Criteria


The selection process will be based on your writing submission, your existing mysteries series, and your ability to promote on social media, in addition to other factors.


There is no charge for submission.


You are invited to submit a short story for inclusion in this anthology so long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Your story cannot be longer than 7,500 words.​


  • All stories must be submitted for review by October 1, 2022. You will be notified by January 1, 2023 if you are selected to be part of this project.


  • The story you submit and at least one of your existing mystery series must be in the cozy or traditional categories. Longer series will be given more consideration.

  • Please do not submit an excerpt from your novels. A full short story showcasing your existing characters will have the most impact on readers and encourage them to seek out your novels. Please submit a new, unpublished short story.

  • You must attach at least one of your already-published books with your submission in PDF or EPUB format so that we can review the quality of your book-length writing.

  • Whether your novels were originally traditionally-published or independently-published, you are welcome to submit. The series you wish to promote through the short story should be at least four books long to make this worth your while. However, you may submit with a shorter series if you can make a compelling case for inclusion.

  • If selected, you will be asked to submit an author bio for inclusion in the anthology along with links to your books, website, social media, newsletter, and other relevant resources.

  • If selected, you are expected to publicize the anthology on your social media platforms and blog. Thalia Press will provide graphics, covers, and any other promotional material necessary.

  • Thalia Press is based on an author’s cooperative model. If selected, you will be asked to contribute to a seed marketing budget. This amount will be $100 or less.

  • This is a marketing project, intended for promotion of individual contributors’ series, and not expected to be directly financially remunerative. There will be links to contributors’ own mystery series, newsletters, and websites, directing buyers to those places to purchase books.


  • 50% of any profits will be split among the contributors at the end of the first year. Thalia Press will retain the other 50% for marketing purposes. It is our hope that all contributors will at least make back their initial investment through the split and/or subsequent individual purchases of their books.

  • Royalty statements and any payments will be issued to all anthology authors in July of each year, beginning in July 2024.


  • If selected, during the first year of publication (June 2023-June 2024) Thalia Press retains the sole right to publish your short story. After June 1, 2024, all rights revert to you as the author with the caveat that Thalia Press may continue to keep the anthology, and your story, in print as long as it sees fit.

  • We have developed a marketing plan for this anthology that concentrates on Kindle Unlimited in the beginning but then branches out to other e-book platforms. You must be published on Amazon (either in Kindle Unlimited or not, at your discretion) to participate in this project. Inclusion in this anthology may help you attract readers from other book outlets as well. If your other series are on other platforms you may link to any and all of them in the meta data.

  • If selected for the anthology, you will be able to review this marketing plan before you commit to being part of this project.


How to Submit

Please submit your short story to by October 1, 2022.  Use the subject line: ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSION.


In your cover letter describe your mystery series and the short story you are submitting. Don’t forget to attach a copy of one of your series books as part of your submission.

Now Accepting Submissions for "Pick Your Poison"

Pick Your Poison is an e-book anthology scheduled for publication in June 2023 that will feature brand new short stories by cozy and traditional mystery authors who have already written one or more related series. It is intended as a marketing tool for mystery authors seeking new readers and as a useful guide for enthusiastic mystery readers seeking new authors. We have chosen Pick Your Poison as a working title, but that may change once we select the final stories. You do not have to use poison in your short story. 

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