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40 authors from around the world set out to record their innermost feelings and offer inspiring, heartfelt, creative takes on the Covid-19 pandemic. This collection of fiction, essays, and poetry shines a light on moments in the times we live in and offers a record of people’s lives and imaginations. All profits from the sale of this anthology are donated to charity.

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Plunge into the fascinating and competitive world of food media culture, in this wry, witty crime story where cutting edge takes on a new meaning when celebrity chefs across America start dying.​ From color-themed dinners to Maine lobster pots, from BBQ to huckleberries, this mystery is stuffed to the gills with knives, mayhem, and laughs.  

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Dead of Winter brings together eight established crime writers (including all of Thalia's original authors) in a collection of intriguing, surprise-filled short stories full of buried secrets, back-stabbing and revenge — all set against the chilling backdrop of winter, the cruelest season of all. Entertaining in its own right, this anthology also allows you to sample the writing skills of mystery authors who may be new to you. 

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New Releases: Crime and Contemporary Fiction

Thalia Press authors are proven traditionally-published authors who have chosen to continue their series or publish stand-alone novels via Thalia Press for a variety of reasons — to reach new audiences, maintain artistic control over their books, retain a larger share of royalties, control their publishing schedule more, or move beyond their genre's commercial limitations. If you are interested in joining the ranks of Thalia Press authors, please Contact Us. Our latest individual titles appear below.  For more titles by Thalia Press authors, check our their websites or author pages on
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Pascal d'Onscon, once terrorizing wine fraud scammers across southern France, is now pushing papers for the French bureaucracy in the modern Cité du Vin in Bordeaux. But not for long. He dreams of being a vintner, his hands in the dirt, the grape on his tongue, blending his very own creation: a bottle of wine with his own label. His companion, Merle Bennett, has her own aspirations. Two tiny cottages are begging to be renovated for summer rentals. Will the person camping in the back garden scuttle her plans? This book is the 17th book in Lise McClendon's popular Bennett Sisters mystery series.


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Once a promising cop with a bright future, Kevin Fahey’s alcoholism destroyed his career, leading to his early death in a drug bust gone bad. Now a lost soul, Fahey is desperately trying to make amends so that he can escape the solitary world between heaven and earth. While spying on his family one day, he is confronted by a dead victim whose murder he thought he had solved. Soon, Fahey realizes that he put the wrong man in prison for her murder. Can he redeem himself by solving this case at last and freeing an innocent man? The First Goodbye is the first book in the 4-book Dead Detective series.


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